Historic 750 Formula Merchandise

Historic 750 Formula – part of 750 Motor Club, is home to some of the most exciting historic racing cars driven between 1939 and 1974. The series offers different classes for pre-1939 Austin 7s, pre-74 Formula Cars, Historic F3 500s and F1172 racing cars – all controlled by carefully thought out regulations, to allow for low cost, competitive racing.
The 750 Motor Club has been the birthplace of many motorsport legends, including drivers, engineers and car builders. Names such as Arthur Mallock, Colin Chapman, Eric Broadley, Mike Costin and Gordon Murray are all associated with the 750MC and Historic 750 Formula series. The club holds an iconic place in motorsport, particularly for those interested in Austin 7 racing.

Historic 750 Formula Merchandise

The Historic 750 Formula merchandise range has been developed to provide members and enthusiasts with a range of merchandise that can be purchased and used in support of the club brand.

Whether you are after a cap or a T-shirt we have everything for you to show your support of the club.

Historic 750 Formula Merchandise

750 Motor Club Membership

The 750 Motor Club was formed in the spring of 1939 and has grown into the country’s leading low cost racing event organiser, with championships such as the 750 Formula, Locost, MR2 and Bikesports amongst its series.

Notable members of the club have included Colin Chapman (founder of Lotus), Adrian Reynard (founder of Reynard), Eric Broadley (designer of the Ford GT40) and Gordon Murray (designer of the McLaren F1).

The club welcomes members of any experience and budget. There are road car based formulas, such as the Roadsports, the MR2 Championship or the Clio Sport Championship. For the engineer in you there is the 750 Formula ‘prototype’ series where you can build a car from the ground up. We also have categories for older ‘slicks and wings’ race cars, such as the Single Seater Cup.

Whatever you choose, you will not find a more cost effective way to go racing in the UK!

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750 Motor Club

The 750 Motor Club was formed as a means for ‘the impecunious Austin Seven enthusiast’ to meet like-minded individuals and talk about things Seven-ish and motoring related.

It wasn’t long before such discussions led to the notion of competition, but for the financially-challenged membership these proposed ‘races’ naturally had to involve an extremely small outlay. Such competition therefore took the form of road rallies and trials, although the ‘specials’ builder was already in evidence at circuit meetings, with both mildly and heavily modified Austin Sevens.

Now you can show your appreciation of the Historic 750 Formula with their bespoke merchandise.

Historic 750 Formula Merchandise